John Phillips isn’t just one of the most prolific trial attorneys in Florida— he’s one of the most renowned litigators in America. He’s commented on about every national network, consulted with lawyers all over the country and has even been featured in an Emmy nominated documentary. Even famed lawyer Robert Shapiro once told Phillips’s wife that she married the “best lawyer in America.”

But for every high-profile celebrity case, NFL athlete, actor or wealthy person he has represented, there are about 1000 people who you don’t know- named Debbie, Martin, William and Ann. “Justice isn’t about wealth or celebrity. It’s about using a skill set to make things right,” Phillips says.

After one trial, not only did the Defendant (who was hit by Phillips for over a $1 million total verdict) call John to help his family, but so did a juror. He needed help for his mother. It’s that kind of magic John has had his entire career. “It’s not really magic at all,” Phillips would tell you, “It’s simply knowing how to treat people and be real.”

Phillips is Senior Trial Counsel and Owner of the Law Offices of John M. Phillips, a firm he founded to be different. Phillips uses his winning methods to help clients with plaintiffs’ cases of all kinds, including personal injury, medical malpractice, product liability, mass torts, among others. He has also won commercial litigation and even a trademark case. His firm also takes criminal defense and family law cases. Phillips will lend his expertise on these matters, too.